The Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater

An original, aerial sci-fi action/comedy adventure serial audio drama, done as an homage/spoof of OTR! Daring test pilot Dixie Stenberg leads a motley squadron of pilots to battle a shadowy Nazi nemesis at the height of WWII, with robots, rayguns and moxie to spare! A complete 50 episode adventure!  

We have voluntarily self-rated this production as PG. Parental guidance suggested.


Episode Archive

  • The Uninvited Guest

    Episode Number: 2

    What are German Focke-Wulf 190's doing in the skies over Southern California? Will our hero survive being sorely outnumbered? Just what does the special brassy alloy on Dixie's Thunderbolt do, and why is there a hidden lever under Dixie's seat?

    Episode download: DixieStenbergABB02master.mp3

    Release Date: August 8, 2006

    Run Time: 15:12
  • The Visitor from Washington

    Episode Number: 1

    Dixie arrives at a hidden, private hangar in Southern California. She's a test pilot for AeroQuest Dynamics, and this day is not going to go as planned. Who is the visitor from Washington, and just what does he want with Dixie?

    Episode download: DixieStenbergABB01master.mp3

    Release Date: July 4, 2006

    Run Time: 14:34