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Discover "The Secret and Impossible League of the NoöSphere," an original, sci-fi action/comedy audio drama! THE BALTIMORE PLOT introduces a secret society sailing in and out of space/time in a sentient airship. Caught in the Noösphere, where reality is formed and destroyed through the power of Ideas, Nicola Tesla, Ava Lovelace, and Lord Byron discover that someone is undoing time. The league will swindle con artists, employ Pinkertons, and pose as secessionists to prevent the assassination of President-elect Abraham Lincoln before he can even take office.  

We have voluntarily self-rated this production as PG-13. Some material may not be suitable for children.

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Episode Archive

  • To Live Inside Time

    Episode Number: 106

    Despite heavy losses, the League tries desperately to stop the Baltimore Plot and save Abraham Lincoln!

    Episode download: SILON106master.mp3
    Commentary download: SILON106commentary.mp3
    Transcript: SILON106transcript.pdf

    Release Date: November 30, 2022

    Run Time: 24:14
  • Resonators and Deviators

    Episode Number: 105

    An act of sabotage traps half of the League in the BioSphere, Pinkerton confronts Kate about her double life, and Ada’s search for Charles Babbage has devastating consequences.

    Episode download: SILON105master.mp3
    Commentary download: SILON105commentary.mp3
    Transcript: SILON105transcript.pdf

    Release Date: November 16, 2022

    Run Time: 26:40
  • Secrets and Sabotage

    Episode Number: 104

    While trying to prevent an assassination, Kate runs into an old friend who knows more than they should. Charles puts his plan into action.

    Episode download: SILON104master.mp3
    Commentary download: SILON104commentary.mp3
    Transcript: SILON104transcript.pdf

    Release Date: November 2, 2022

    Run Time: 30:59
  • Good and Bad Aren't the Same as Truth and Lies

    Episode Number: 103

    The League learns of a new, more dangerous time anomaly and asks Kate to investigate. Ada Lovelace encounters her old friend Charles Babbage.

    Episode download: SILON103master.mp3
    Commentary download: SILON103commentary.mp3
    Transcript: SILON103transcript.pdf

    Release Date: October 19, 2022

    Run Time: 22:18
  • An Embrace, an Impasse, and an Invitation

    Episode Number: 102

    Pinkerton Detective Kate Warne finds out the truth about the League.

    Episode download: SILON102master.mp3
    Commentary download: SILON102commentary.mp3
    Transcript: SILON102transcript.pdf

    Release Date: October 5, 2022

    Run Time: 29:22
  • A Ripple in the Noösphere

    Episode Number: 101

    Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron, and Nikola Tesla live outside time in the NoöSphere, a realm where reality is formed and destroyed through the power of Ideas. To fix a serious timeline anomaly in 1856, they must convince the Pinkerton Detective Agency to hire the world’s first female detective.

    Episode download: SILON101master.mp3
    Commentary download: SILON101commentary.mp3
    Transcript: SILON101transcript.pdf

    Release Date: September 21, 2022

    Run Time: 25:50