Once Upon A Time In Vegas

If fairy tales came to life, there’s only one place that they could find a home… Las Vegas! A full-cast serial audio drama.

We have voluntarily self-rated this production as R. Mature subject matter. Listener discretion is advised.


Episode Archive

  • Dinner and Dominance

    Episode Number: 8

    Ginger revels in her power but Teri and Danny finally get their date. Everything from cults to fetishes are discussed and Tessa wonders about Jeff's apparent gentlemanship. 

    Episode download: OUATIV08master.mp3

    Commentary download: OUATIV08commentary.mp3

    Release Date: March 14, 2008

    Run Time: 22:19
  • Intersection

    Episode Number: 7

    The ladies meet for lunch, where secrets are revealed and oddities are discovered. Tessa struggles to confront Jeff about her strange wound and even stranger new desires. Teri fesses up about Danny Peer and confronts Chloe about ditching her, but Chloe has the perfect excuse... Philip Grayson! 

    Episode download: OUATIV07master.mp3

    Commentary download: OUATIV07commentary.mp3

    Release Date: February 15, 2008

    Run Time: 23:23
  • Who's the Fairest...

    Episode Number: 6

    Chloe finds Hector to be a beast of a man, as Danny dishes all the dirt to Teri. Ginger revels in her control and Tessa begins to worry about Jeff.

    Episode download: OUATIV06master.mp3

    Commentary download: OUATIV06commentary.mp3

    Release Date: January 18, 2008

    Run Time: 19:44
  • The First Ball

    Episode Number: 5

    Ginger vows revenge on Teri, Denise just happens to have everything Chloe needs for a magical night with a certain movie star, and Hector makes a few new contacts.

    Episode download: OUATIV05master.mp3

    Commentary download: OUATIV05commentary.mp3

    Release Date: December 7, 2007

    Run Time: 24:01
  • The Premiere

    Episode Number: 4

    The big movie premiere is here, though it may end up being more of a punishment than anything else. Chloe gets to meet the star, who may or may not ever remember her, and Teri battles Ginger over Whoppers and Diet Coke.

    Episode download: OUATIV04master.mp3

    Commentary download: OUATIV04commentary.mp3

    Release Date: November 16, 2007

    Run Time: 23:31
  • Straying from the Path

    Episode Number: 3

    Chloe discovers Staci is an even bigger bitch than she imagined, a certain famous movie star visits Dennis's salon, and Tessa is going to get to know Jeff... whether she wants to or not.

    Episode download: OUATIV03master.mp3

    Release Date: October 19, 2007

    Run Time: 24:48
  • Beer Goggles and Red Coats

    Episode Number: 2

    As Chloe laments her situation with Teri and Tessa, she spots Jason already with another woman... but things are more than they seem. Tessa gets some unexpected attention from a stranger and Chloe's revenge is at hand! Can you feel the we-ness?

    Episode download: OUATIV02master.mp3

    Release Date: September 14, 2007

    Run Time: 21:52
  • Once Upon a Time

    Episode Number: 1

    If fairy tales came to life, there's only one place that they could find a home... Las Vegas! Chloe's wedding fast approaches, and Tessa and Teri are none too happy with her husband-to-be. Hector and Weylan have a falling out, but hey... at least there's plenty of shrimp to eat.

    Episode download: OUATIV01master.mp3

    Release Date: August 17, 2007

    Run Time: 24:35