The Kingery

Welcome to the Kingery Road Resort and Casino, the galaxy’s premiere vacation destination. Stop by the casino, take a stroll down to Shenanigans or visit the famous Saley, Onks and Liddle for a trip you’ll never forget. Just watch your step, because if you cross the boss, the Kingery will chew you up and spit you out, a broken shell of what you once were. A full-cast, serial, ongoing sci-fi crime drama.

We have voluntarily self-rated this production as R. Mature subject matter. Listener discretion is advised.


Episode Archive

  • Lock, Stock and A Barrel of Questions

    Episode Number: 905

    The Arkell family pepper their suspects with questions about The Fifth, Kaylock's family arrives, and Maddie's investigation uncovers a surprise!

    Episode download: TheKingery9x05master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery9x05commentary.mp3

    Release Date: December 6, 2017

    Run Time: 22:05
  • Kingery Episode 100 Anniversary Reel

    Celebrating 100 episodes of The Kingery!

    Episode download: TheKingery9x04anniversary.mp3

    Release Date: November 8, 2017

    Run Time: 43:35
  • I Thought It'd Be Bigger

    Episode Number: 904

    The crew locks Tommy down as assassinations riddle the Kingery, but the boss isn't about to sit on his butt when lives are on the line! Time for some drastic measures.

    Episode download: TheKingery9x04master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery9x04commentary.mp3

    Release Date: November 8, 2017

    Run Time: 26:55
  • It is addictive, and with each drink, you want more

    Episode Number: 903

    Maddie tries to say goodbye to her departed father, but not even a funeral is safe at The Kingery!

    Episode download: TheKingery9x03master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery9x03commentary.mp3

    Release Date: October 4, 2017

    Run Time: 19:29
  • Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

    Episode Number: 902

    Cassandra and Jennings suffer consequences, Zeff and Daken have a spat, and Tommy and Maddie both get some bad news!

    Episode download: TheKingery9x02master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery9x02commentary.mp3

    Release Date: September 6, 2017

    Run Time: 20:19
  • The Secret Ingredient

    Episode Number: 901

    Major cares for Kaylock, Hooks is on the job, Asa's worried, and Papa Arkell is back and things are... weird.

    Episode download: TheKingery9x01master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery9x01commentary.mp3

    Release Date: August 9, 2017

    Run Time: 23:36
  • The Sky is Falling

    Episode Number: 812

    The Kingery crew takes to the skies to defend their home, but find an unwelcome surprise waiting for them. Praise Gorlock!

    Episode download: TheKingery8x12master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery8x12commentary.mp3

    Release Date: October 5, 2016

    Run Time: 24:27
  • Where This Good Paved Road Leads

    Episode Number: 811

    A return to form, a beatdown of jerks and a surprise that could mean the end of the Kingery!

    Episode download: TheKingery8x11master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery8x11commentary.mp3

    Release Date: September 7, 2016

    Run Time: 28:24
  • Healing Work

    Episode Number: 810

    Socks explores her options, Zeff gets suspicious and the Kingery crew go on dates aplenty!

    Episode download: TheKingery8x10master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery8x10commentary.mp3

    Release Date: August 10, 2016

    Run Time: 30:09
  • Complicated Memory-Based Patterns

    Episode Number: 809

    Socks searches, Zeff hesitates, Tythia's charmed, Maddie's had enough and Tommy and Cassandra have a sit down!

    Episode download: TheKingery8x09master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery8x09commentary.mp3

    Release Date: July 6, 2016

    Run Time: 26:30
  • Never Be Satisfied

    Episode Number: 808

    Socks has an existential crisis, Major and Kaylock patch things up, and Maddie and Tommy discover an unwelcome guest!

    Episode download: TheKingery8x08master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery8x08commentary.mp3

    Release Date: June 8, 2016

    Run Time: 20:41
  • Talking Heads, Same as it Ever Was

    Episode Number: 807

    Tythia hits a roadblock, Tommy confides in Zeff, and Cassandra is on the move!

    Episode download: TheKingery8x07master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery8x07commentary.mp3

    Release Date: May 4, 2016

    Run Time: 23:10
  • Between Me and You

    Episode Number: 806

    Tommy and Maddie find friction, Asa stands up for Socks, Zeff dispenses wisdom and Cassandra points things in the right direction!

    Episode download: TheKingery8x06master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery8x06commentary.mp3

    Release Date: February 3, 2016

    Run Time: 20:29
  • How Did I Get Here

    Episode Number: 805

    Maddie's uncomfortable, Kaylock self-medicates, Tythia's at a loss and Cassandra gets noticed!

    Episode download: TheKingery8x05master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery8x05commentary.mp3

    Release Date: January 6, 2016

    Run Time: 26:07
  • Why Me?

    Episode Number: 804

    Tommy searches for answers, Zeff comes to the rescue, Tythia hits a wall, Socks loses it and Cassandra seizes an opportunity!

    Episode download: TheKingery8x04master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery8x04commentary.mp3

    Release Date: December 2, 2015

    Run Time: 31:24
  • Intolerance

    Episode Number: 803

    Kaylock finds haters, Zeff and Major bond, Socks gets support, Maddie's in a tough spot and Cassandra's out of options!

    Episode download: TheKingery8x03master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery8x03commentary.mp3

    Release Date: November 4, 2015

    Run Time: 25:09
  • What is Love (Baby Don’t Hurt Me)

    Episode Number: 802

    Tommy and Maddie smooth things over, Socks can't cope, Tythia and Hooks try to return to normalcy and Cassandra gets a few rude awakenings!

    Episode download: TheKingery8x02master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery8x02commentary.mp3

    Release Date: October 7, 2015

    Run Time: 27:45
  • All the Rubble that Remains

    Episode Number: 801

    Tommy tries to unburden himself, Major steps up, Socks can't cope and Cassandra finds a few surprises!

    Episode download: TheKingery8x01master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery8x01commentary.mp3

    Release Date: September 9, 2015

    Run Time: 30:33
  • A Man of his Word

    Episode Number: 712

    Maddie's loyalties are tested, Socks stands tall, Tythia saves the day and Tommy's favor will change Sector 88G forever!

    Episode download: TheKingery7x12master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery7x12commentary.mp3

    Release Date: April 8, 2015

    Run Time: 30:48
  • Just Add Water

    Episode Number: 711

    Tommy rallies the troops, Cassandra's ready for action, Zeff has had enough and all hell is about to break loose!

    Episode download: TheKingery7x11master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery7x11commentary.mp3

    Release Date: March 4, 2015

    Run Time: 28:14
  • All Those Two-Bit Romeos

    Episode Number: 710

    Tythia and Hooks get clandestine, Prok takes one for the team, Zeff contains multitudes, Maddie wants in, and there's another wedding!

    Episode download: TheKingery7x10master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery7x10commentary.mp3

    Release Date: February 4, 2015

    Run Time: 26:15
  • The Rules

    Episode Number: 709

    The Arkells make the Shimizus an offer they can't refuse, Emily gets a surprise gift from Socks, and Tommy calls in his favor with the Commandant!

    Episode download: TheKingery7x09master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery7x09commentary.mp3

    Release Date: January 7, 2015

    Run Time: 27:30
  • Queen Takes Pawn: Fifty Moves to Go

    Episode Number: 708

    Major's got bad news, Tythia, Hooks and Prok get sneaky, and Tommy realizes it's time to consider new options!

    Episode download: TheKingery7x08master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery7x08commentary.mp3

    Release Date: December 3, 2014

    Run Time: 23:28
  • Old. New. Downloaded. Blue.

    Episode Number: 707

    Actions have consequences, the Commandant makes Tommy an offer he can't refuse, and someone's getting married!

    Episode download: TheKingery7x07master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery7x07commentary.mp3

    Release Date: November 5, 2014

    Run Time: 32:48
  • Sticky Wicket

    Episode Number: 706

    Maddie opens up, Asa gets a surprise, the truth comes out and the Commandant returns!

    Episode download: TheKingery7x06master.mp3

    Commentary download: TheKingery7x06commentary.mp3

    Release Date: October 8, 2014

    Run Time: 24:48