This is the FINAL casting call for Genesis Avalon!

Due to the nature of these characters, the gender is completely neutral!

Here's the fun thing. These characters are completely dependent on how YOU
want to characterize them. All we're going to do is give you what country
they're from, and it's up to you to audition how you will. We ask that you
DO attempt a dialect, however, it can be whatever one you want. For those
of you who have auditioned in the past and not gotten a role, NOW is the
time to go for it! Please note that the names for these characters are to
disguise their actual role in the show, and thus are named after their


*Trinidad - *Hailing from the Caribbean (any particular accent from the
West Indies is up to you), can be a bit of a bully, but not intentionally.
Really, it's all about competition and strength.

Line 1: Come on now! Put your money where your mouth is. You want to tangle
with me, you best have the muscles to back it up.

*Sydney - *Australian, athletic, and boisterous. Drinks a lot, could swear
a lot, and loves to compete.

Line 1: You cheated! You joking, man? You cheated! Put the cards down, or
I'll flip this table!

*India - *Hailing from India (however that accent surfaces is up to
you),this is an older individual, still fit and trim, but definitely wiser
in their years. Tends to listen and speaks only when necessary.

Line 1: You cannot think that she will come here. It's so out of the way,
no one could ever consider it.

*Quebec - *A little naive, but friendly and kind-hearted, if lacking in a
little modesty, this individual is from Canada, and is young and excited.

Line 1: Let them come! It's not like we haven't seen this before.

*Cape Town - *South African who is close friends with Trinidad and Sydney,
even if it doesn't seem like they're the most obvious of pals.

Line 1: Tell you what: if you can make the bulls-eye, I will buy a round
for everyone in the pub. Right now.

Please name your audition as YOURNAME_AUDITIONNAME.mp3, and send the
audition to 

Thanks a bunch! Any questions, don't hesitate to email!

Deadline for auditions: ***MAY 31***!